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Who we are

Back in 2012 we came up with a formula to make it easier, faster and cheaper for people to create events and sell tickets online. We were volunteering for a company called Get it Loud in Libraries (and still do!), a not-for-profit initiative that puts live music on in libraries across the country. While trying out quite a few ticketing sites, we quickly realised that there were lots of unnecessary costs for people buying the tickets as well as for the event organiser. To top it all off, the ticketing companies' systems were clunky, slow and super confusing. So we decided to set up our own simple, easy-to-use and reasonably priced ticketing platform: Ticketlab.

How we got here

For us, it’s not only about creating, finding and booking events. We believe in the power of ideas and people. We believe that being fair and ethical is always the right thing. And we believe in the impact you - an event organiser, a social networker, the first through the door gig-goer - can have. And since our first customer was a not-for-profit, we have kept that spirit well and truly alive and continue to help local charities and voluntary organisations with their events.

Ticketlab is completely free for the event organiser to set up and sell tickets for an event and for those buying tickets, our booking fees are really low, much lower than any other ticketing site.

So now you know what we do and why we do it, get started by creating your event or finding an event.

Where we are heading

The Team:
We're a friendly and happily nerdy team of Ticket Scientists based in leafy Walthamstow. We are all about providing great customer service, simple and user-friendly technology and a super-awesome experience for all our users.

Join us:
We are always on the lookout for fun personalities and exceptional talent to join our growing team. Please get in touch with us

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